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All or Nothing

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

When I feel my perfectionist tendencies arise, I find that I get into the ALL OR NOTHING thinking, which usually results in nothing. This past week I was thinking about this mindset and how it is not working for me. Here are 3 things that have helped me shift my all or nothing mindset to ALL or SOMETHING instead.

1. Something is better than nothing.

When I get caught up in thinking I can't start because it won't turn out perfect or how I envision it, I remember that I can't edit what isn't created. I know from experience that nothing is a final product right off the bat and that it must go thru iterations.

2. Learning in the process

I know that I learn so much more during the process of anything I'm doing so I need to embrace that learning experience. Instead of being impatient with the process, I'm learning to enjoy the journey and take all the lessons that come along the way.

3. Energy needs to be behind it.

If I'm really struggling with getting a project done, I do a deep dive into why I'm not getting started. I really evaluate if the project is really something I want to do or if it's something I think I should do. If I discover that it's not in alignment, I let it go from my to do list and spend my time on something that is more fulfilling.

Getting ride of the all or nothing mindset


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