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Singleness:  Extended Edition

This space is for those 40 and over who are navigating the joys and heartaches of extended singleness.

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Power Group

A power group is a mastermind of sorts.  It's a group of 4 to 5 people who are working in community to bring their ideas to life.  These groups meet every other week for 2 hours over 12 weeks. 


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This podcast is for those over 40, navigating the joys and the heartbreaks of extended singleness.  

You'll hear conversations from others that are navigating a life that looks different from what we've envisioned.  One without a spouse and children.  

What you will find here are honest conversations about the joys of the single life and what it offers to us.  And also, the heartbreak that comes with missing out on some dreams and desires.  

Through it all, I hope you hear that there is a beautiful life to be lived and available to us.

If you'd like to be a guest, have topic suggestions or anything else.

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