Hi, I'm Naomi.


I'm glad you found me....it's a big world out there, yet became just a bit smaller now that we're connected!


My mission in life is to support creative, purpose-driven women transition well as they continue to make an impact in the world.  It may look different from what you've done in the past, but it'll be just as beautiful!   


In 2015, I was no longer in a career that fit.  Boy did I try to make it fit by moving to another country to see if that would help...but in the end it didn't.  What it did bring was the clarity I needed to start taking the steps to figure out what comes next.  It was a scary yet exciting time.  Scary in that I had to figure out what to do next while hanging in at the job that no longer fit and exciting because of all the possibilties


So I started my journey to discover what was next for me...it was full of soul searching, dreaming, taking inventory of what I wanted my days to look like, what I enjoyed doing from my previous work, what I'm naturally good at.  I thought about what problem I wanted to help solve, who I wanted to connect with, and I prayed a lot.  The cool thing was that I've had a lot of transitions in life, so I knew that God would be there every step of the way and lead where He would have me serve next.  


Through this time, I confirmed that my life boils down to two things:  supporting others and making things


It has looked different in how this has played out over the years, but if I have these two things, I'm a happy one and know that I am making my contribution to the world.   

I was a teacher for 20+ years- which is crazy to me that I did it for so long, when teaching was the last thing I wanted to do!  But, when God has a will and you're following His lead, it all fits and makes sense.  I loved my time as a teacher.  I taught the majority of my years in low-income schools where the needs were great, and the love was real.  I loved using my creative brain to come up with new activities, events and equipment.  I sure do miss my time with the littles, but was burned out.   I could have chosen to stick it out for my own security and paycheck, but they deserve so much more than that and I didn't want to slog through my own life.  

So I'm here now, a Life Purpose & Transition Coach, using all that I am to journey with people who want more out of their days and make an impact.  I did my coach training through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).   I also enjoy using the Enneagram and other resources to help others get to know themselves a bit more...it's a never ending process and I feel like the more you learn the less you know.....anyone else experience this?

So besides all that, here's a bit more about me:

-I love a good treasure hunt at estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.  I enjoy the beauty of old things and when possible bringing new life to them.  

-I love to learn new things.  If I could get paid to take art/craft classes or any kind of classes for that matter, I would so apply!

-I didn't appreciate the mountains of Colorado growing up because I got car sick, but boy do I miss the mountains now....city living in Bangkok will do that.

-I enjoy exploring new places.  When I travel I plan on where I'm sleeping, but then wander the streets to see where they lead.  So many times I've come across many amazing places that I wouldn't have if I stayed on the travel guides beaten path.  

-I enjoy my 8 nieces and nephews and the awesome people they are.