Hi, I'm Naomi.


I'm glad you found me....it's a big world out there, yet became just a bit smaller now that we're connected!

My purpose and mission in life is to support and encourage creatives bring their ideas to life.  I believe when we know our purpose and align it with our strengths, experience and interests, we make the world a more beautiful place.

You may find yourself in an unsettled place due to your job, relationships, unmet expectations or a miriad of other things that make for the human experience.  This transitional time can hold a lot of emotions and uncertainty and so my work is to support you through the process to gain clarity and embody the confidence to move forward.  

I've navigated many transitions in life that include major moves to new countries, changing jobs, relationships, and building a business.  


The most profound season I've walked through is extended singleness which leaves me childless not by choice.  This loss has touched every area of my life and in the depths of grief it changed the confidence I had in myself and most things in the world.  It was super hard and not pretty, but I leaned into this difficult season and have come out stronger for taking the time to feel it so I can heal it.   

I am experiencing joy again, have energy to create and see better days ahead.  I want the same for others and know there is a path forward.  I'm here to walk with you and witness what needs to be witnessed to that healing can happen.  

Here's a bit more about me:

-I love a good treasure hunt at estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.  I enjoy the beauty of old things and when possible bringing new life to them.  

-I love to learn new things.  If I could get paid to take art/craft classes or any kind of classes for that matter, I would so apply!

-I didn't appreciate the mountains of Colorado growing up because I got car sick, but boy do I miss the mountains now....city living in Bangkok will do that.

-I enjoy exploring new places.  When I travel I plan on where I'm sleeping, but then wander the streets to see where they lead.  So many times I've come across many amazing places that I wouldn't have if I stayed on the travel guides beaten path.  

-I enjoy my 9 nieces and nephews and the awesome people they are.