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These 52 Growth cards will support you throughout the year as you continue to expand and live a life of purpose.  Each card has an inspirational quote on one side and a thought-provoking question on the other with space to jot notes and journal your thoughts.  There is also space for you to date as it's always important to be able to look back and see your growth and progress along the way.  It comes with a simple stand for your desktop viewing. 

My personal note to you- May you continue to invest in yourself and your growth journey.   The journey may be difficult at times, but I can attest that you will move through it and come out stronger for it.  If you're in a rough spot I want to encourage you to keep taking one step at a time, give yourself the rest you need when times are tough and know this is a season.   I'm here if you need support.  

52 Growth Cards

SKU: 52Card
  • -Cards are 3 x 5 printed in color on cardstock

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