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Keep me updated on the Living Purpose Planner!

Stay tuned! I can't wait to share with you!

Living Purpose Planner

This planner has been in my head and it's time for it to become a tangible, living object that will support you and I do the work we're called to!   


The planner with have monthly layouts that are great for planning your social media posts, launches, classes, etc....  It'll have weekly spreads so you can see each day of the week together and block out your time with the hourly daily layout. 


You'll have a yearly layout to plan out your launches, programs, and those amazing vacations.

It'll have space for your vision board so it is always at the ready for you to refer back to often to keep you going on the hard days.  

You'll have space to record your goal planning and establish your plan of action.

There will be empowering growth questions for reflection and space to journal your learnings. 

You'll have trackers for your finances, reading, and health along with space to record those bucket list items and the like.  

There will be plenty of room to add your personal creativity and bullet journal additions because as creatives we need that space to make it our own.  

My goal for this planner is to be a guide, a recorder and encouragement as you journey though this life living with intention to live your best days of service using your creative gifts.  

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