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Biz Besties

Small Group

This is a great opportunity to go deep with a few people as you grow your biz.  This is your biz inner circle.  You'll be able to let down your guard, share the struggle, and gain support and encouragement from those on the path with you.  This is a place to feel understood and cared for as you grow your biz.  Great for those of us that desire deep connection and get lost in the big programs offered.


Workshops are designed to bring together people that are looking to grow in a specific area of their biz.  The workshops are designed to network and learn together.  This is great for finding collab opportunities and expand  their biz through working together.

Topics:  Content Creation, Find Your Voice, and much more!

1 on 1

Need some one on one care.  Groups are great, but there also comes a time that we need one on one focus to navigate our specific needs.  1 on 1 allows for all the focus to be on you and what you need.  As creatives we can take on what others around us are doing.  When this happens we get off track and distracted.  If you find yourself going around in circles because of watching others but want to gain traction on what is best for you, one on one is an excellent choice!

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