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Coaching for Teachers

Teaching is a no joke job.  It's exhausting, at times defeating, expensive and so much more.    

It's also a calling with beautiful moments.  Seeing lives changed and having an impact on the next generation is rewarding.  

With the pandemic, education has looked a lot different and will continue like this for a bit, if not forever (only time will tell).  It is up to us to show up for ourselves so that we can continue to serve the next generation fully.  As teachers we need to be in the right headspace in order to to that.   We owe it to ourselves and our students to be all in and show up doing our best each day.  There's been a lot going on so if you don't know where your head is at right now, that's completely normal.  
Here's how coaching can help:
-Bring clarity to your thoughts
-Calm your mind
-Bring satisfaction in the work you're doing (even when it looks different than normal)
-Increase your confidence as you navigate the new challenges
-Contribute more effectively to the school community
-And that's just a few of the benefits!
3 Month Coaching Program:
-60 min. virtual coaching (either weekly/biweekly)
-Access to me during the week to flush out anything you're personally working through
-Weekly encouragement
-And more!
Investment:  Pay what you can.  I know you have your job, yet I also know as teachers it's tight and we're not always used to investing in ourselves.  I do ask for some investment because I know we show up differently when we do invest.
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