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Focus 365 Program

This program is right for you if you're a creative:

-who has signed up for all the courses and haven't opened most of them.  


-who struggles with what to focus on to make actual progress.


-who knows a change needs to be made, but don't know how to make it or what to do first.


-who is learning that you need more personalized attention to make a plan that fits for you.


-who wants this year to be the year you follow through on your goals and create the life you've always longed for.

This program works because:
-It's personalized just for you.  There is no such thing as one size fits all so working 1 on 1 specializes a program that is right for you.
-This program provides the consistency you need to make things happen.  The regular check-ins keep you on track.
-1 on 1 coaching gets to the heart of the matter and moves you through anything that is holding you back. 
-I only work with a small group so you won't get lost in the crowd.  I'm personally invested in your success so will push you to reach your full potential...but in a kind, empathetic way.


1 Year Program Details:

-Establish the Vision foundations workshop


-1 on 1 Coaching and Check-ins every 2 weeks

(or every week depending on the season and what you're working on) 


-Quarterly workshops  


-Weekly encouragement and support


-Quarterly snail mail surprise 

Q & A:


Q:  This is such a simple program, how will it help me?

A:  Keeping it simple is what it's about.  If we make it too cumbersome, we tend not to do it and follow through.  By having every other week check-ins it allows you the time to execute the plan.    

Q:  How will this help me stick to my goals when I haven't been able to in the years past?   

A:  Having personalized support can be a gamechanger because it's not just you going it alone.  Having someone in it with you for the long haul will bring the changes you want to see.  How many times have you started off strong with a friend to only have one or both of you stop meeting and committing to the process....yep, I'm a professional, here to stay.  

Q:  Why a year commitment?

A:  Each day you commit to something so it might as well be something you actually want to change and work on.  Commitment is what needs to happen and change doesn't happen overnight.  It's a continuous journey that needs care and support to build lasting change.  If you're a creative that doesn't like committing, maybe it's time to take the plunge and see how commitment can support the life you desire.  Don't worry, it won't feel like a ball and chain.  

Q:  Will it work?

A:  It will if you're open to the process and doing the work.  If you're not open or willing to do the work, then this isn't the right time for you and that's ok, I'm here when you're ready.  

Q:  What makes this program different from other ones I see?

A:  Me to begin with.  My skills are seeing the big picture and breaking it down, empathy, creative thinking, getting to the root of what's holding you back.  I also believe that 1 on 1 support is the way to go for many of us.  Trying to fit into a mold that wasn't meant for us is exhausting and not worth the struggle.  I think we can learn from others, but I don't think we should take the blueprints that are sold and do just that.  We need to do what works for us and I'm good at supporting that process of developing your perfect plan. 

Q:  I keep hearing about coaching, but what is it?

A:  Coaching is a co-creation process that supports you in achieving your personal & professional goals.  It's a form of self-development.  As a coach, I will help you discover what is right for you and not tell you to do it my way.  I may at times share my experience, but the process is geared to you and what you need to accomplish your goals.

Q:  Are you a trained coach?

A:  Yes, I am.  I did my extensive training through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) which is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved program.  

Q:  I have more questions, can we set up a time to talk to make sure this is the right fit?

A:  For sure!  Email me at

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