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Ways to work


Below are the ways we can work together to best suit your needs during your creative journey.  


Focus 365

This is designed for the creative that has a vision for their life yet find mindset, strategy and all the things stop them from bringing it to life.  


This is for you if you would like to see tangible results from consistent action taken over time and know you need support and accountability to make it happen.

We'll take time to establish the vision and come up with a plan of action to get there.  Throughout the year, we'll meet bi-weekly for check ins, strategy, mindset and any other work that comes up when you're building your dream.  


4 Hour Focus

At the end of our 4 hours together, you'll have:

-A crystal clear vision for the next 3 months.

-A doable action plan and the energy behind

it to do all the things.

-Mindsets to keep you moving forward

taking courageous steps.


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