Discover what's next on

your creative journey!

You today:

In a soul-sucking job or a career that no longer fits. 

Unsettled in life.

Have unfullfilled dreams.

Know there's something more for you, but don't know where to start.

Align your strengths, interests, experience and values to do work that brings fulfillment.

Step into this next season with confidence & clarity.

This is your one precious life to live on your terms.

 You're ready to take action toward something new and ready to get crystal clear on what that looks like.  You're ready to align your experience, interests and energy to continue to serve the world and need support to get there.  You're ready to courageously move into this next season whole heartedly to serve the world.


Step 1


Create a NEW VISION 

It's a new season which requires a new vision.  We'll take a look at what you've enjoyed up until this point, what you haven't, what gifts you have and how you would like to express them with the world.

Step 2



We'll map out what steps of action need to be taken into this new season.  We'll map out baby steps so you don't feel overwhelmed to keep momentum going.  We'll address the mindsets that are holding you back so you can move confidently into your beautiful new season you're creating.

Step 3



You'll bravely go out and do what makes your heart sing.  You'll have the confidence and clarity to be courageous in the steps you are taking to live your best, purpose-driven life with ease.  Your crystal clear vision and mission are leading the way!

Leslie, Actress & Cotton Candy Maker

Working with Naomi has helped in so many ways.  She really helps you change your mindset and focus on your goals and what's driving and stalling accomplishing them.  After every call I felt a little clearer and lighter and with renewed energy and understanding for the week ahead. Highly recommend her!


Martina, Work/Life Balance Coach

Naomi coached me over a period of three months. I made enormous progress during that time. She supported me in setting clear goals and finding creative solutions to get my business up and running. Naomi helped me to overcome roadblocks that were getting in my way of achieving my vision. I'm so grateful for our time together and can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to tap into their creative potential to fulfill their desires.

Christy, Craft Studio Owner

Naomi provides the calm voice of reason that I'm not able to hear from myself. I look forward to our phone calls knowing that Naomi will listen to what I'm saying (and what I'm not) and then ask just the right questions to help me find the clarity I need to move forward. I value her perspective. She has guided me through expanding my business, a store remodel, and how to manage all of that while dealing with personal and family issues. I appreciate the non-judgmental accountability she provides and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.